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"Throughout my life," write Chambers, "my willingness to fall flat on my face has been my most marked characteristic." Joke she might, but Chambers is no slouch. In this collection of essays, many first appearing in O, The Oprah Magazine, she documents various successes and shortcomings. She ditches ballet for a free-spirited African dance class, tries kick-boxing despite her fear of being hit, signs on as a philanthropist and is able to donate a study room in her alma mater's library, and travels to exotic locales.

A well-bylined magazine writer, Chambers writes in a breezy, punchy style, although she does address serious matters, including a breast-cancer scare. Through humor, Chambers learns to develop "self-care tools" that prompt her to try new things no matter how foreign or difficult they may seem. Women of all ages will find inspiration in her approach to life and her call for "foolish bravery" in the face of challenges both big and small. Bursting with strong-willed, fiery spirit, Chambers is at the top of her game.

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