I have contributed original essays, book excerpts and reprinted articles to a number of anthologies, including the best-seller The Bitch in the House.

Selected titles

Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness Editor Rebecca Walker

Published by Soft Skull Press

Buoyed by some of America’s most innovative thinkers on the subject—graphic novelist Mat Johnson, Brown University Professor of African Studies Tricia Rose, critical thinking and cultural icon bell hooks, Macarthur winner Kara Walker, and many more—the book is at once a handbook, a map, a journey into the matrix of another cosmology. It’s a literal periodic table of cool, wherein each writer names and defines their element of choice. Dream Hampton writes about Audacity. Helena Andrews about Reserve, Margo Jefferson on Eccentricity, Veronica Chambers on Genius, and so on. With a foreword by Henry Louis Gates that bridges historical African elements of cool with the path laid out for the future, Black Cool offers a provocative perspective on this powerful cultural legacy.

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The Bitch in the HouseThe Bitch in the House: 26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood and Marriage Editor Cathi Hanauer

Published by William Morrow

"Asked to explore a significant element of her life, each of the 26 remarkable women in this impassioned anthology does so in thoughtfully introspective, honorably truthful, and candidly self-revelatory essays that feel less like contemporary feminist rhetoric and more like late-night, soul-searching conversations between best friends. As one would expect from a powerhouse lineup that includes New York Times best-selling authors and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, the writing is superb: smart, sassy, and honest--oh, are they honest! Call it 'therapy in a pen;' there's no such thing as TMI (too much information) from women definitely not ashamed to let it all hang out: the anger and rage (hence the title). But self-recriminations and doubts, delights and triumphs are here, too, in this must-read for every woman, be she mother or daughter, wife or lover, sister or girlfriend." -- from Booklist

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Modern LoveModern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion Editor Daniel Jones

Published by Three Rivers Press

The fifty most revealing, funny and stirring essays from the New York Times's popular "Modern Love" column. Editor Daniel Jones has arranged these tales to capture the ebb and flow of relationships, from seeking love and tying the knot to having children and finding love that endures. (Cynics and melancholics can skip right to the section on splitting up.) Taken together, these essays show through a modern lens how love drives, haunts, and enriches us.

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Mommy WarsMommy Wars Editor Leslie Steiner

Published by Random House

Steiner commissioned twenty-six outspoken mothers to write about their lives, their families, and the choices that have worked for them. The result is a frank, surprising, and utterly refreshing look at American motherhood. Ranging in age from twenty-five to seventy-two and scattered across the country from New Hampshire to California, these mothers reflect the full spectrum of lifestyle choices. Women who have been home with the kids from day one, moms who shuttle from full-time office jobs to part-time at-home work, hard-driving executives who put in seventy-hour-plus weeks: they all get a turn. The one thing these women have in common, aside from having kids, is that they're all terrific writers.

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Other titles

The May Queen: Women on Life, Love, Work, and Pulling It All Together in Your 30s, Editor Andrea N. Richesin Buy The May Queen from Amazon.com.

Listen Up: Voices of the Next Feminist Generation, Editor Barbara Findlen. Buy Listen Up from Amazon.com.

Growing Up Ethnic in America, Editors Maria Mazzioti Gilliam and Jennifer Gillian Buy Growing Up Ethnic from Amazon.com.

Becoming American: Personal Essays by First Generation Women, Editor Meri Danquah Buy Becoming American from Amazon.com.